Work History

SRE Manager - APAC

Marigold / Cheetah Digital Japan
2022 - Present

Currently working as the SRE Manager for the APAC region of Cheetah Digital, my role encompasses various responsibilities such as resource planning, project management, team/people management, hiring, and fostering collaboration across diverse regional and cultural contexts. Additionally, I oversee significant projects involving the expansion of on-premise infrastructure and the migration of a large enterprise application from on-premise to AWS. Cheetah Digital transitioned under the Marigold brand in 2023.

Security Engineer

Cheetah Digital Japan
2019 - 2022

Moved to Infosec to help with EDR solution onboarding and TLS 1.2 switchover project. Heavily involved in the securing of existing and new AWS environments. Also assisted with technical topics brought up during ISMS/PrivacyMark audits and frequently bridged between Japan and Global to ascertain further required details. Everyday work involved monitoring, responding to detections/incidents, vulnerability management/patching and change control.

Corporate IT Japan Team Lead

Experian / Cheetah Digital Japan
2018 - 2019

Handled the roll-out of a brand new IT environment for the Japan region. While working with the wider global IT organisation, I would support each and every employee in Japan. After around 1 year in the role, I finished the replacement of approx 250 laptops with a completely new IT stack (moved from on-prem corporate IT to Okta/G-Suite). Also completely replaced legacy networks in Tokyo and Niigata offices with an entirely new network. The Tokyo office was moved to another building shortly after, and I co-ordinated the shift of the entire network and ISP circuits to occur over the weekend and complete just in time for the open of the new office on following Monday. To assist with everyday support, I recruited and managed a small, efficient team of 3 and reported to the APAC IT Manager.

DevOps Engineer

Experian / Cheetah Digital Japan
2017 - 2018

As part of a new project being built on AWS, I assisted in building a new CI/CD environment for initial use with a new project and with a view to bring all other existing development projects into the CI/CD environment. Deployed the CI tool Concourse and set up a fully automated development pipeline that tested, built and deployed web services to AWS. During this time, Experian sold its marketing division to become Cheetah Digital, which I was a part of. As a result of this divestment, product development in Japan was ceased. The VP of Internal IT then asked me to join them to help them stand up a new IT org for Cheetah Digital.

Senior Technical Analyst

Experian UK
2015 - 2017

Supported an array of bespoke applications, providing payment services and consumer credit information to a very significant portion of the UK's businesses. Co-ordinated the response to patching two severe PCI vulnerabilities on the production hosted services. Was the go-to escalation point for any technical issue that could not be resolved and handled other routine 3rd line issues. Learned a lot about corporate environments and processes, and a lot of specialist knowledge of the payment systems in the UK and the EU.

Senior Support Engineer

2014 - 2015

Pre and post sales engineer supporting a wide range of bespoke custom server appliances, including Web Caching, DNS and IPAM/DDI appliances.

Sole Proprietor

2008 - 2014

Web hosting and virtual server business. Performed all business tasks. General admin, system admin (Linux), billing/finance/tax, compliance, customer/technical support, marketing and so forth. Sold in 2014.

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