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Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know how great Hamster is for keeping track of your time on tasks and projects. Chances are you’ve also looked into trying to get it running on another OS besides Linux.

In some network environments where your HTTP(S) traffic gets routed through a firewall, you may notice in recent versions of Fedora that you occasionally get a big prompt open and display a web page or prompt for authentication.


At time of writing, Webmin handles DNSSEC pretty well actually, it’s mostly straight forward to set up DNSSEC if you know your way around DNS well enough already. The only problem is if you haven’t actually set up DNSSEC manually before, it can be confusing when you use Webmin to...

A lot of end-user Windows systems often have badly configured Java running on their systems, some old versions that no longer have their ‘bin’ directory due to newer updates, no set JAVA_HOME environmental variable, or one that’s set incorrectly. This makes it a nightmare to distribute your software to end...