Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know how great Hamster is for keeping track of your time on tasks and projects. Chances are you’ve also looked into trying to get it running on another OS besides Linux.

Rather than try and port Hamster to Windows, I decided to create a minimal Linux install dedicated solely to Hamster. To benefit other users, I have also scripted it.

It requires VirtualBox which runs on Windows and Mac, and an Arch Linux live ISO.

Simply fire up a new VirtualBox machine with 256MB memory and 8GB of disk space with the ISO attached, boot to the Arch live image, then grab my “Hamster Machine” setup script, check over the short configuration section, then execute it.

After reboot, it’ll boot straight into Hamster without any further interaction necessary! And it does so much faster than if you were to be running a full modern Linux distribution.

Ricky Burgin

Ricky Burgin is a British systems engineer, consultant, developer, businessman, and Japanese speaker and holds particular interest in privacy, data protection, finance, cryptography, programming, general Linux topics, user experience, languages and photography.