A lot of end-user Windows systems often have badly configured Java running on their systems, some old versions that no longer have their ‘bin’ directory due to newer updates, no set JAVA_HOME environmental variable, or one that’s set incorrectly. This makes it a nightmare to distribute your software to end users and have it run correctly the first time, especially so with open-source software or any other situation where you have no control over the environment which your software will be deployed in.

This little Powershell script lists only valid Java installations, allowing you to create your own simple script to choose which Java version to launch your Java app with, without needing to rely on something like JAVA_HOME.

You can find it here: https://github.com/Orbixx/findjava

Ricky Burgin

Ricky Burgin is a British systems engineer, consultant, developer, businessman, investor and Japanese speaker and holds special interests in privacy and data protection, finance, cryptography, genetic programming, general Linux topics, user experience, languages, syntax and photography.

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